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"I will tell you in person, since my involvement has always been directed since the early 90's I realized that a small company can not delegate to gain experience which may be the most reliable test against the market. My previous training had drawn on the experiences of multinationals that they assumed that the data contained in a catalog were always confirmed in practical applications and, where detailed specifications are missing, it was up to the customer to verify the possibility to use the best tool after you buy . So often emptied the warehouses of the suppliers and the stores were full of customers, who, although dissatisfied, almost never ventured a challenge sure that eventually would be resolved against them by the right-thinking skills of the engineers that they would revert the responsibility for a wrong choice on the client incompetent who can not read a catalog. Thus, while creandosi a gradual disaffection against the supplier, the most devastating result was that many customers judged totally inadequate tools to solve specific problems, regardless of brand . If, as proposed in the 80s were already of modulated infrared light sensors that showed a reliable operation in harsh environments, the majority of customers who have had negative experiences with the photocells of traditional brands, was reluctant to experiment with Immediately after new products were born ultrasonic sensors that a large multinational company released its free too check the limits of applicability. The disappointment of many clients would twisted against the new generation of sensors that rather recently have earned respect and trust many different sectors. These are only some examples of situations that have created and still create prejudice against the new technology products that are marketed by FAE. Hence the decision to adopt a new strategy. Any request will be formulated, where not already specified unequivocally the complete code of the product, is the subject of attention by our technicians. First, before choosing the most appropriate tool, you need to know in detail the customer's needs. can often not be sufficient a concise description of the problem, and thus will require a drawing or a sketch of the application as is assumed by the customer. Sending a photo via e-mail because it can further facilitate the vision of the work environment can invoke any applications already experimented with other similar customers. Secondly, considering the technical and the environment where you will install the tool, a proposal is made technical - economic. However, if there is any doubt as to the complete suitability of the instrument chosen are offered two options: 1.Prova simulated in the laboratory in the presence of FAE 2.Prova client on the machine on the installation of the client The goal is the involvement of all parties involved in the project application in order to reduce to zero the risk of failure after ' final installation. "

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