LT2xxx-270 Wide Angle Pulse Sensor 2 D Laser Scanner

LT2xxx-270 Wide Angle Pulse Sensor 2 D Laser Scanner



 Long range up to 250 m

 Wide scan angle up to 270°

 Small spot size

 High lateral resolution

 Fast scan rate

 Very high accuracy in range and angle

 Tough and robust housing, rate IP67

 Multi-echo evaluation technology

 Operating with rain and snow

 Real time Ethernet


LT2xxx-270 Applications

LT2xxx-270 is the sensor for who wants to see wide with rapidity and efficiency, obtaining

accurate and detailed 3D data. LT2xxx-270 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications,

ensuring also goals achievement for existing systems integration.

Collision avoidance, security, profile detection, crane control, monitoring, surveying and

counting in different fields are only some of the most suitable applications.


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