LS10-SN (UAM-02LP-T302)

LS10-SN (UAM-02LP-T302)


Laser Scanner classe 1 (eye-safe), categoria sicurezza 3  CEUL


The smallest, lightest safety scanner currently available

  • SIL 2 Category Safety Scanner
  • Lightweight unit - less than 1 Kg
  • Protection Range - 2m
  • Warning Range up to 10m
  • 16 configurable area patterns
  • 190° scanning angle
  • Simple PC setup
  • Easy to read LED status display
  • EDM, Reference Boundary Monitor, Interlock & Mounting



Model LS10-SN (UAM-02LP-T302)
Detection property Protection Range Max. 2m
Warning Range Max. 10m (Non-safety)
Distance tolerance*1 +100mm
Detection capability From Black-Reflector sheet(1.8%) to Retro-Reflector Sheet
Speed 1.6m/s
Detection angle 190°
Min Detectable width φ30mm(Max. Distance : 1.0m)
φ50mm(Max. Distance : 1.5 m)
φ70mm(Max. Distance : 2.0 m)
Scan Frequency 30ms(Rotating at 2,000 rpm)
Area pattern 16 patterns
Response time OFF : 60 to 510ms
ON : 270 to 510ms
Optics Element Pulsed Laser Diode
Wavelength 905nm
Safety class Laser Class 1
Safety type Type 3 (IEC61496-1,IEC61496-3)
Functional SIL 2(Type B,HFT=1) (IEC61508)
PFHd 7.5×10-8(T1=20year)
Housing Size 90mm(W),99.8mm(D),97mm(H)
Weight Approx. 1.0kg
Protection IP65
Material Body : Aluminum / Optical Window : Polycarbonate
Cable Flying lead cable and water proof connector / Cable300mm /M16-19p
Power supply DC 24 V ±10% : Power supply from converter
DC 24 V -30%/+20% : Power supply from battery
Cable length Length 20m AWG 22, 26, 28
Power consumption Normal(without load) 11W
Max.(without load) 19W
Max.(with load) 58W
Output types OSSD1/2(Safety related) Output type (High side SW)
Output current (Max : 500 mA)
Leak current(Max : 1 mA)
Wire(Length : 20 m AWG 26)
Load(L/R=25ms C=1μF)
WARNING1(Non-safety) Output types (PNP Transistor output)
Output current(Max : 100 mA)
Leak current (Max : 1 mA)
Wire (Length : 20 m AWG 28)
WARNING2 / ERR / MUT_OUT(Non-safety) Output types (PNP Transistor output)
Output current(Max : 100 mA)
Leak current (Max : 1 mA)
Wire (Length : 20 m AWG 28)
READY or RES_REQ(Non-safety) Output types (PNP Transistor output)
Output current(Max : 100 mA)
Leak current (Max : 1 mA)
Wire (Length : 20 m AWG 28)
Input Numbers of inputs 16 patterns switching (4 inputs×2 channels)
Input Impedance 4.7KΩ
Cable Length 20 m AWG 28
Interface Configuration USB2.0 (USB mini B type connector )
Environmental resistance Temperature -10 to +55degress C
Storage Temperature -25 to +70degress C
Humidity 95% RH
Storage Humidity No freezing and condensation
Surrounding Illumination*2 Less than 3000 lx
Vibration Frequency range : 10~55 Hz Sweep rate : 1octave/min
Amplitude : 0.35 mm ±0.05 mm
Shock resistance Acceleration : 98m/S2(10G) Pulse duration : 16 ms

*1. Additional distance of 200mm is needed when the UAM is working under high reflective background.
*2 When the light sources located at ?5°from the detection plane of UAM.



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