4600.30 Misuratori di portata ad Ultrasuoni

4600.30 Misuratori di portata ad Ultrasuoni



4600.30 ultrasonic flowmeters



When you consider the downtime, labor, and hassle of installing a flow meter, not to mention the cost of the flow meter itself, this may be the most economical option 

Introducing the new captor 4600.30 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters  

That’s right, a no hassle way of economically and accurately measuring flow-- just clamp two transducers onto the outside of a pipe and you’re in business 

Two flavors that are very competitively priced: The 4600.30/P (shown below) is our wall mount version which is designed for permanent installations 



Wall Mount - 4600.30/P
  • High accuracy <+/-2% down to .03 m/s

  • Serial Modbus or 4-20 Ma output 

  • Optional BTU measurement (wall mount only)

  • No moving parts







The 4600.30/H (shown below) is our rechargeable battery operated hand-held portable unit designed to be used for maintenance or simply checking flow rates in remote locations where power may not be available.


Handheld - 4600.30/

The 4600.30/H has a serial output port which can be attached via easy to use software to field calibrate our 4120.30 analog flow meter.



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