Laser Telemeter FAD100-BC

Laser Telemeter FAD100-BC


Produced exclusive by FAE


The FAD100-BC is a laser range finder to measure distances up to 100 m with an excellent accuracy.

The range finder works based on time of flight measurement. It emits a pulse light which is

diffusely reflected back from the target.


A distance measuring cycle can be triggered in three different ways:

- By sending a command from the PC or another equivalent control unit.

- By making appropriate prior parameter settings for the auto start command and applying supply voltage.


For a more detailed description of this two trigger options, you should consult the manual.

Operating Modes of this User Manual.

Special performance features are:

- Provides high accuracy and great reach under extreme outdoor temperatures.

- Features consistently low power consumption of <1.5 W.

- Up to 100 m reach for distance measurement.

- Invisible laser beam for easier sighting.

- RS232 interface port for input of measuring functions and commands from, and output of measured values to, a PC or a laptop.

- Switching output with adjustable limit to indicate positive and negative excession of preselectable distance range window by sighting distance.

- Measured values can be displayed in meters, decimetres, centimetres, feet, inches due to.

- Option for remote triggering of a measurement from an external trigger device.

- Information of temperature and reflectance.


 Weight  100 g (excluding cables)
 Range  100 m (sunlite white wall, 45 readings per second)
 Resolution  1 cm
 Update rate  388 readings per second (maximum)
 Accuracy  ± 10 cm
 Outputs & Interfaces  RS232 (Opzioni : RS422, TTL, 12C, 4...20mA) 
 Power supply voltage  24.0 V  ± 0.5 V
 Power supply current  DC 110 mA
 Laser power  2 mW - Class 1M
 Dimension  100 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm
 Operating temperature  -30...+50°C
 Approvals  FDA : 1710193-000 (2017/02) CE (pending)
 Housing  Aluminium
 Optical aperture  28 mm x 15 mm
 Beam divergence  0.2°
 Lens material  Glass
 Connections  Binder 8 pole, snap-in locking
 Enclosure rating  IP 67




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