Laser a tempo di volo LS30






The new laser distance sensor LS30 was developed for applications requiring quick data acquisition and output without time lag.
Within the measuring range of 250 m, the LS30 achieves measuring rates of up to 30 kHz.
The sensor is eye-safe, working at a wavelength of 905 nm.
The LS30 was designed for easy system integration. It is available in a fully ready-to-install IP 67 housing variant or as a sensor module for integration in special solutions.
The enclosed model variant is resistant to impacts and shock-proof and optimally suitable for application in rough industrial environments.




LS30 module


Laser class

Laser class 1

Laser diode wavelength

905 nm

Measurement  divergence

3 mrad

Measurement  range

0.2 ... 270 m

 Range, distance measurement

0.2 …. 30 m where the reflectivity of the target  is 10 %

0.2 …270 m where the target  is cooperative

(e.g. 3 M Scotchlite Cube 3000x)

Measurement  accuracy for single measurement

Absolute accuracy

Repeat accuracy for identical condition (1σ)

± 5 cm

± 2 cm

Resolution of measured values


Measurement  sequence frequency, maximum

30 kHz (binary data output)

16 kHz (decimal, binary data output)

Power supply

6.5 ... 7.0 V DC

10 … 30 V DC

Max. power input





Serial interface

RS422, CMOS level

RS232, RS422


Switching output



2 x “high-side”, can take a load of up to 0.2 A

Analogue output


4 mA … 20 mA

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature


 0°C ... + 50°C

10% ... 90% air humidity, non-condensing





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