Laser Scanner LiDAR I3S -NEW-

Laser Scanner LiDAR I3S -NEW-


Enabling Industry 4.0 with Innovative LiDAR Scanner Technology


 Our high-performance I3S industrial 3D LiDAR scanner will allow for more efficiency, security, and autonomy.  



 I3S Industrial 3D LiDAR Scanner Prototype


Industrial automation and Industry 4.0 require reliable and immediate information for process control – for example, for guiding autonomous, driverless transportation vehicles delivering valuable goods within facilities or warehouses. Environmental data collected by 3D LiDAR scanners is vital for navigation and avoiding collisions. 

The I3S Industrial 3D LiDAR Scanner (I3S) currently being developed by Jenoptik will set new standards for laser scanners in industrial automation, transport, and logistics: a scalable field of view up to 160 degrees × 20 degrees and a compact design shape will allow for flexible integration into nearly any application imaginable. Innovative laser scanning technology will make the I3S unsusceptible to mechanical stress, vibration, or shock.

Measuring up to 360,000 data points in a fraction of a second within a FOV of 90 degrees × 20 degrees, our I3S Industrial 3D LiDAR Scanner is designed to produce highly detailed images of a vehicle’s surroundings, whether unmanned aerial vehicles or driverless, autonomous industrial vehicles in facilities or warehouses. The scanner will deliver the exact data required for mapping unknown terrain and for reliably detecting small objects or obstacles – and thus will enable safe mobility of autonomous industrial transportation vehicles.

Based on Jenoptik’s 40 years of expertise in laser rangefinder engineering, the I3S design pushes the limits for industrial 3D LiDAR scanners: a total measuring range of up to 300 meters and a measuring range of up to 100 meters for low-reflective objects, combined with an update rate of up to 50 hertz, will enable quick forward-looking detection and location of obstacles, so that even fast-moving aerial vehicles will have sufficient time to avoid collisions. 

Our new I3S Industrial 3D LiDAR Scanner will play an important role not only in industrial automation, transport, and safety but also in smart farming, public safety and security applications, object protection, and surveillance.


• Scalable field of view (FOV) up to 160 degrees x 20 degrees

• Dynamic region of interest (ROI)

• Looking ahead with a measuring range up to 300 meters

• Detection of small, low-reflective objects within a range of up to 100 meters

• Small, lightweight, and easy to integrate into mobile systems


• Industrial automation, transport, and logistics

• Driverless and autonomous industrial transportation systems

• Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, drones)

• Smart farming and autonomous agricultural machines

• Public safety and security, surveillance, object protection


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