Serie PK / PKF / PKL

Serie PK / PKF / PKL


Infrared thermometer

CellaTemp® PK / PKF / PKL

for non-contact temperature measurements

from -30 °C to +2500 °C



Special features

• Compact infrared thermometer with large, bright LED display and control panel

• All parameters adjustable with control keys on the sensor head and digital interface

• High optical resolution and accuracy due to wide band anti-refl ective precision lenses

• Target sizes from Ø 1.2 mm

• High temperature resolution over large measuring ranges

• Standardized IO-Link interface, independent of PLC and fieldbus

• Analogue output 0 / 4 – 20 mA

• Universally confi gurable switching output

• Test function triggered by push-button or control signal

• Easy mounting thanks to the M30 screw thread

• Optionally with patented LED spot light to display focal distance with the exact size and position of the target

• Optionally as fi bre optic version with separate sensor head

• Optionally as two-colour infrared thermometer (difficult measuring conditions due to dust, vapour, smoke)

• SCM function for pollution monitoring (with two-colour infrared thermometer)



CellaTemp® PK Series

The radiation thermometers CellaTemp® PK Series detect the infrared radiation emitted by an object and convert it into a temperature. The detected temperature is displayed and transmitted to the analogue output for further processing. A unique combination of analogue and digital linearization features provides the CellaTemp® PK with a high-resolution signal processing unit. Therefore, even with wide measuring ranges, the sensor has a very high temperature resolution while its noise equivalent temperature difference is extremely low. The infrared thermometer supplies stable measurement readings even when the response times are extremely short and the measured temperatures are low. The single-colour infrared thermometers of the CellaTemp® PK series are the world's first pyrometers equipped with the industrial 4.0 interface IO-Link.


CellaTemp® PKF Series

The electronic unit of the CellaTemp PKF 26/36 is separated from the measuring head. A fibre optic cable transmits the infrared radiation to the electronic unit where it is transformed into an electric signal. The measuring head is entirely composed of mechanical and optical components, enabling its use in ambient temperatures up to 250 °C without needing auxiliary cooling systems. The fibre optics version is also used in confined spaces or powerful electromagnetic fields. The single-colour infrared thermometers of the CellaTemp® PKF series are the world's first pyrometers equipped with the industrial 4.0 interface IO-Link.


CellaTemp® PKL Series

The CellaTemp® PKL comes with an integrated LED spot light. The spot light is particularly indispensable for small measuring objects from Ø 1.2 mm as it helps to align the infrared thermometer to view the hot zone and to adjust the correct focal distance. The LED spot light is continuously illuminated and due to its permanent control function it offers a high degree of operational safety. The special feature of the patented spot light is that it shows both the focal point and the exact position and true size of the measuring point. Thanks to the high-precision mechanical and optical design the geometric and optical axes are identical, thus providing a parallax-free CellaTemp® PKL. This excludes squinting of the device when, for example, measuring through a narrow furnace or kiln wall. The single-colour infrared thermometers of the CellaTemp® PKL series are the world's first pyrometers equipped with the industrial 4.0 interface




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