LDE-VHS SERIES - Very High Speed

The sensors are intended for non-contact measuring and checking of position, displacement, dimensions, surface profile, deformation, vibrations, sorting and sensing of technological objects as well as for measuring levels of liquid and bulk materials.  The series includes 21 sensors with the measurement range, from 2 to 1250 mm and the base distance from 10 to 260 mm.  Three versions of laser sensor with 56, 110 and 180 kHz rates are available.  There are two options of laser mounted in the sensor, RED or BLUE laser. The use of blue lasers instead of conventional red lasers greatly enhances capabilities of the sensors, in particular, for such uses as control of high-temperature objects and organic materials. Custom-ordered configurations are possible with parameters different from those shown below.


Position, dimensions, surface profiles, deformations, vibrations

measurement, sorting and sensing presence or absence


■■ Universal high-speed laser sensors

■■ Measuring ranges from 2 to 1250 mm

■■ Linearity ±0.1%

■■ Resolution ±0.01%

■■ Sampling rate up to 180 kHz

■■ RS232/RS485/Ethernet +4...20 mA/0...10V

■■ Sensors with BLUE lasers




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