The LS113PS is an opto-electronic distance measuring module for industrial applications.

Equipped with a Profibus® DP interface, the LS113PS can easily be integrated into

any fieldbus-driven process controller.

The additional SSI interface provides another convenient option for controlled operation

of the measuring module.

A compact and robust design shape combines with low power consumption, selectable

switching outputs and the possibility to set specific application parameters to

warrant flexibility in use.

You should not start using the LS113PS, unless you have read this User Manual and familiarized yourself with all safety

notes contained in it.

This is necessary to ensure that your opto-electronic distance measuring module can be used in the best possible way and

damage will be prevented.

General Product Description

The LS113PS is a laser distance measuring module to determine distances from 0.1 m to 30 m, using natural surfaces,

or to measure distances up to 150 m with a target reflector. Providing a red laser sighting point, the LS113PS allows you to

unequivocally mark a particular target. Its effective operating range depends on the reflectance and surface qualities

of the targets being sighted.

The module works based on comparative phase measurement. It emits modulated high-frequency light which is diffusely

reflected back from the target with a certain shift in phase to be compared with a reference signal.

From the amount of phase shift, a required distance can then be determined with millimeter accuracy.

A distance measurement cycle can be triggered:

• via the Profibus

• from an external trigger source (external trigger mode)

• via the SSI.

Special performance features are:

• Profibus interface

• Broad range of parameter setting options via Profibus

• SSI interface

• Two switching outputs, each with selectable parameter settings

• External trigger input, with selectable parameter settings

• Capable of operating at outdoor temperatures from +15°C to +30°C with ±2 mm accuracy

• Up to 30 m reach for distance measurement, with potential for 150 m reach if additional reflectors are mounted onto the target.

• Visible laser beam for easier sightingl.

The LS113PS measuring module is shipped in a rugged cardboard box with adequate padding for safe transportation.

Conforming Use

• Measurement of distances and output of measured data to the Profibus.

• Special measuring functions.

• Compliance with prescribed temperatures for operation and storage.

• Operation at correct voltage level.

• Application of specified signal levels to the appropriate data lines.

Nonconforming Use

• Do not operate the LS113PS in any other way than described under “Intended & Conforming Use“ above and only in a proper

working condition.

• Safety devices must not be defeated or otherwise rendered ineffective.

• Information and warning signs must not be removed.

• Repair work on the LS113PS must not be carried out by anyone other than FAE S.r.l. personnel.

• Refrain from using the LS113PS in an explosive environment.

• Measurement with the LS113PS pointed at the sun or other strong lightsources may produce faulty results.

• Measurement of targets with poor surface reflectance in a strongly reflecting environment may also result in faulty

measurement values.

• Measurement of strongly reflecting surfaces may deliver faulty results.

• Measurement performed through transparent optical media, for example, glass, optical filters, plexiglass, etc. may equally

produce incorrect results.

• Rapidly changing measuring conditions are likely to falsify the result of measurement.



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